Xàbia International College
Primary School
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Xàbia International College
Secondary School
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XIC welcomes applications from all students who would benefit from studying in the English language, a mainstream curriculum based on the English National Curriculum. We do not encourage the admission of students with specific learning difficulties or for those with a statement of special educational needs as we do not have sufficient qualified staff to cater for such needs. Our buildings have not been adapted for physically disabled students.

Application for Admission
Places are only offered following a successful interview with a member of the Senior Management Team. We do not have an entrance exam although we must see satisfactory reports from the previous school. Additionally, we normally contact the previous school for a personal reference. An offer letter will be sent to successful applicants and a registration form can then be completed and the non-refundable registration fee paid.

Note: If no place is available, the child's name can be placed on a waiting list.
Parents are informed as soon as a place becomes available.

New Students
Through Primary up to Year 11 each student is allocated a Form Tutor, with whom they register each morning and who has special responsibility for the student's pastoral care. The Form Tutor ensures students understand College procedures and endeavours to make them feel "at home". The tutor also monitors, with particular care, the progress of each new student during the first month, to ensure that the student is integrating into the social and academic life of the College.

For students who come to Secondary from the College's Year 6, the transition process starts in the Spring Term. Fiona Phillips, Head of Secondary, visits Primary and holds meetings with Year 6 students and parents, along with their new form tutor in Secondary and the Head of Spanish. A full day visit is then arranged for the whole of Year 6, together with their teacher. Assessment details are provided by the Year 6 teacher who also meets with teachers of Year 7 at the beginning of the Autumn Term to give advice on suitable English and Maths groups. Progress and assessment details are discussed with the Head of Spanish to allocate Spanish groups for Year 7.

An induction morning for all new students takes place before the beginning of the Autumn Term.

Communication between home and school. The more formal means of communication are set out below. However, parents are most welcome at any time to see round the College and discuss developments.
In Foundation Stage and in Primary parents are encouraged to keep in close contact with the class teacher. In this way any problems can be dealt with immediately. The Primary Headteacher, and Class Teachers are usually available at the end of the school day. An appointment can also be made via the secretary. There will also be formal parents' meetings each term when parents are welcome to meet with teachers to discuss pupil's progress. Where translation of reports is required between English and Spanish, an oral translation can be requested at, or before, parents' meetings. In Secondary, formal reports and parents' meeting with staff are scheduled, as appropriate, during the year. The Year 11, 12 and 13 meetings follow the mock examinations. The meetings for Years 7 and 10 are normally held in the Autumn term, with Year 8 and 9 in the Spring term. A parent may request to have their child placed on Academic Report. Parents are shown the report card, to read staff comments and to sign. They may add their own written comments, which will be read by their form tutor.

When checking their child's homework diary parents may, if they wish, add comments for the attention of staff. The latter may do likewise. A Leaving Report is available, following each student's departure from the College. Formal appointments to meet staff must be made via the secretary.

Parental Access to Documents and Information

Parents have the right of access to the following documents:
- all documents designed to provide information to parents and students
- all subject syllabuses, whether for public examinations or otherwise
- procedures for student behaviour and study problems
- collated examination results by year group (not individual subjects)
- all legal certification and registration documents
Most of the above is included in our Key Stage Handbooks. Parents will not have access to any documents containing references of a nature sensitive to individuals or groups.

Parental Responsibility
The parent or guardian is responsible for:
- informing the College of any change of address, email or telephone number.
Email is used to distribute newsletters and other information.
- notifying the College, in writing, of any problem or medical condition which may prevent their child from leading a normal College life.
- notifying the College if their child contracts a transmissible disease.
- unexpected absence.

We expect parents/guardians of students to contact us by telephone, fax or email if their child is unable to come to school due to illness or other unexpected reason. If we do not hear from you by morning break we will try to contact you to inform you that your child has not been registered at school. This applies also to requests to be excused from any specific classes, including Sports/P.E. Pupils should be kept at home for 24 hours following sickness and/or diarrhoea.
- ensuring students arrive promptly for the start of the day.
- checking and signing their child's homework diary regularly.
- ensuring that set homework is completed and that their child conforms to the rules of the College and takes care of all College property.
- informing the College of financial problems as soon as possible. This information will be treated in strictest confidence.